Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Belated blog post

Recently I've been working on getting the majority of the exterior textured. To get  idea of what sort of colour scheme i was going to go with i did an (extremely) rough paintover of the exterior.

Its not the prettiest piece of work, but it gave me a rough idea of what i wanted to acheive.

I wanted the textures to be of a decent quality so i decided to put a fair amount of time into them. I (so far) have 3 diferent tileable textures for materials, brick, wood and slate.

Each tile was sculpted in Zbrush from a mesh created in 3dsmax then baked down onto a flat plane. The difuse map was created from phototextures alobng side with the Ambient Oclussion and other maps created from the bke, then a final height map was created from this to add extra detail to the normal. .

I also have another wood variation which is applied to the building with the red and white pannels.

These are the textures as they appear n engine. Im pleased with the results however the normal mp doesnt ppear as strong as i'd like it too. Im going to hve to look into a thing called bump offset to get the best result...

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