Wednesday, 13 February 2013

FMP_Derelict House

Progress so far...

I've mainly been working on the interior, but have made a few changes to the outside of the house. 

The main changes are to the colour of the sun to match the time of day in which the shadows are being cast, more tiles added with window pieces and a few more fine details added to areas such as under the balcony & porch. 

I've mainly been focusing on lighting the interior today. Before the house was extremely dark with little to no light bouncing through the rooms. 

My first attempt to create dynamic lighting was to adjust the world and light properties. However there's so much that can be adjusted which meant every time the lighting was changed, it had to be re-baked so the efffects could be seen properly. (waste of time)

The best way it seems is to add point lights inside the building by windows. This way I get much more control manipulating the settings until I get the perfect light balance within the image.  

Monday, 11 February 2013

FMP - Derelict House W.I.P

First post related to my FMP, scary stuff...

The overall idea for this project is to make a derelict house rendered in game using the Unreal engine. For this project to be successful i need to use varying, convincing textures and also include good lighting throughout the level.

It took me a while to work out how i was going to build the house. I started of by physically building in max.

Turns out this wasn't the best idea. It was difficult to get the scale correct and was incredibly fiddly to model. From this point I decided to use a tileset.

This is the tile set so far which makes up the building. These pieces will be duplicated with varying textures and features such as doors and windows. So far however I've just been working out how these pieces will all fit together.

This is the house so far. My plan is to get the exterior whitebox finished before i start texturing.