Thursday, 29 November 2012

Vehicle Project Renders

Been so busy with work and i've pretty much forgotten to do any form of blog post

Pretty big leap from where i last was to these final renders, enjoy

The environment is a Zbrush sculpt from a basic plane in max, then retopologized and baked back down into a normal map. Pretty clever stuff.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Difuse Map, Done!

Conviniant as my Photoshop CS6 trial has quite literally just expired ( back to CS2 i go... *sadface )

Here's the truck with hand painted difuse plus normal map (no specular or emmisive as of yet)

Of course there's still so much more tweaking i could do, but I really need to get started on the environment!

I'll come back to this if i have any spare time before the deadline....

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Vehicle WIP - Texturing

Soooo currently, I'm probably about halfway through texturing the Difuse map. Unfortunately its taking a little longer than expected.

Here's the current model any how

Pretty pleased with how its looking so far... Just need to hurry up and get it finished so i can start on the environment...

Dredding texturing cloth... How do you make cloth look like cloth!?

Vehicle WIP - Ndo2 time

Finally finished unwrapping the truck (without killing myself) and have now started to texture.

Since using Ndo2, the process of texturing now starts by creating a normal map, where i then go onto to create difuse/specular/emmisive etc...

So far I've just painted on the areas of detail, which will be coverted into a normal map ( i love Ndo )

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Vehicle WIP

Pretty Much finished modelling now and have begun the monumentous task of unwrapping.

The tri count currently stands at 6792 (out of the 10,00 we were allowed)

I have a horrible feeling that unwrapping the truck will take more time than it did to actually model the thing! Time to begin the slow and paintful process...

The Masters of Code

Have come into labs to set us our latest project breif . The task - to create a vehicle of choice, accompanied by a suitable scene.

It seems that most people have decided to make something unique by concepting their own ideas, but seeing as i have no imagination, im going to make something that already exists!

Originally I was set on making a Group B rally car, possibly the Audi Quatro, just cause its an awesome car!

But after much thought, ive changed my mind and am now doing something completely different - an Indian Transpot truck. Something along the lines of this.

Im going to collect as much reference as possible and basically take all the different elements i like and merge them onto one single model.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Shit I'm A 3rd Year Now - Rooftop Project

Officially the first post of my new blog dedicated to my last year studying Game Art design at DeMontfort University. (unless i do a masters, which is a thing that might happen!)

So we've already had the deadline for the rooftop project, which isn't really the ACTUAL deadline, but kind of is, but we still have Christmas to finish. Basically... i mean... Realistically we should have had it finished by now, as a man from Codemasters ( James Roadly-Battin ) has come in to set us a brand spanking new brief!

Anyway, heres my rooftop -

(The only bit in my level i actually like)