Monday, 11 March 2013

Adam Make Fire

I wanted to add a little more life to my level and include light sources which aren't artificial. So I decided to add a barrel with a fire...

This is pretty much the final version of how the fire will appear in the level.

This is the material set up before it was used as a particle system. It consists of a lava texture with bump offset which pans through the fire to give it variation in the flames. I also added a panning  texture on the main flame so it isn't so obvious that the flame is just a repeated plane.

For the final touches I added a spot light, adjusting the colour and brightness to light up the area around the house. The warm colour from the fire is a nice contrast against the coldness of the environment. In game it also brings the level to life having movement

All I need to do now is to figure out how to make the light flicker, then I should be done!


  1. You can do the light flicker in a material then assign that material to the light I believe, open the group project package cause I did some flickering lights in that

  2. I set up a material to do this but couldn't apply it to a point light. Does it only work for spotlight ?