Thursday, 16 May 2013

FMP Update

I've changed the lighitng in the living room area. Before there were large patches patches of darkness which i struggled to fix by changing the number of bounce lights and global illumination. Instead I moved and added candles to brighten up areas. It also gives a nice gradient of colour from left to right

Planes of light have also been added to give a dusty, inhabited feel to the level

I also added a broken wall piece and modelled a brick reusing texture space from the tiling texture. Adding this mesh makes the broken wall piece more convincing

More broken wall pieces, creating a derelict, overgrown feel to the interior. 

I wasn't too happy with the hallway as it wasn't that interesting. I've made it a little more dynamic by adding ivy which has made it's way into the house

Apart from general tweeking and adding assets another change is to the fire outside. It's colour was too yellow but has now been made a little more red. 

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